Pysarenko Law Office has been specializing on handling complex general civil, commercial and tax litigation matters in economic and general courts in Ukraine.

Experience in this area includes representation in more than 200 court proceedings of both Ukrainian and international clients in various economic sectors since 2000.

Conduct of lawsuits in pecuniary and non-property disputes has been our main field of expertise for years.

Legal services are being provided in combination or separately in the field of enforcement of court decisions.

We specialize in protection in civil and commercial disputes, administrative cases as well as in international arbitration proceedings.

We achieve predominantly positive results in cases given proper cooperation on client’s side and presence of proper evidence.

Expertise accumulated in court proceedings since 2000, including experience with flaws of Ukrainian judicial system, professional grip and perseverance of the owner allow for the accomplishment of best possible results. We confidently conduct cases against strong opponents.

Contrary to large company methods, we provide individual approach both in terms of communication comfort as well as in terms of development of individual legal perspective. It also allows us to provide legal services for more reasonable fees.

We can offer a radically different payment approach – combined payment of advance to cover unavoidable expenses as well as 18 hours of lawyer’s work and a final fee in the form of a fraction of client’s final interest.

Our office is situated in the very center of Kiev since 1997. We are easy to reach and work with.

We specialize on protection in commercial and administrative courts not only in Kiev, but also in other Ukrainian cities with convenient transport connection.

Providing legal assistance in commercial, civil and tax-related cases The Pysarenko Law Office conducts:

• Legal analysis of case circumstances and assessment of evidence;
• Application of legislation and judicial precedent in clients favor;
• Collection and assistance in obtaining of evidence;
• Legal justification of claims and appeals;
• Drafting of documents for court proceedings;
• Appeals on determinations, decisions and rulings both to Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation;
• Appeal on cassation rulings to Supreme Court of Ukraine;
• Initiation of proceedings in European Court of Human Rights regarding violation of right to fair trial, effective remedy and peaceful enjoyment of possessions after court proceedings in Ukraine;
• Representation of plaintiffs and defendants on any stage of court proceedings;
• Preparation and implementation of settlements.

Common scenarios where legal assistance in conduct of a case during commercial proceedings is needed:

• Debt collection in commercial court;
• General debt collection in payments regarding goods, services, etc.;
• Collection of inflation and annual interest rates in commercial court proceedings;
• Case conduct in commercial court regarding collection of penalties resulted from delay or non-fulfillment of contract;
• Case conduct regarding breach of delivery, payment or any other terms of export-import contracts;
• Filing a lawsuit against a company and defense of foreign seller, supplier or investor in court;
• Attorney services in commercial cases;
• Refutation of a lawsuit against your company in a commercial court;
• Legal protection in a commercial court in disputes between members of partnership or other corporate disputes;
• Case conduct regarding recognition of title;
• Legal defense in court against hostile and armed takeovers;
• Legal protection against unlawful debt collection;
• Handling litigation matters in disputes concerning unlawful collection of penalties and indemnities;
• Filing a lawsuit refuting sequestration or other limitation of property disposal;
• Drafting and filing appeals to higher institution courts;
• Pursuing lawsuits concerning recognition of invalidity or termination of contracts;
• Legal services regarding appeals on inactivity of state executive office in carrying out court decision;
• Litigation in commercial court concerning collection of damages caused by actions or inactivity of state executive office;
• Legal services in bankruptcy cases.

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