A debt for services has been recovered with the citizen of Italy as a liability for legal entity-non-resident.

Pysarenko Law Office has completed the litigation on behalf of Ukrainian client on recovery of payment for advisory services rendered regarding procedures of establishment and operation of technical oils extraction plant in Ukraine. Services were provided to a legal entity-resident of Italy. The debt for specific services has been charged in full with the citizen of Italy in order of joint and several liability for Italian legal entity as there is not jurisdiction of Ukrainian courts on juridical persons-non-residents. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

UAH 12 mln. was adjudged to our client’s favor from shareholders of a liquidated debtor

Using loopholes in laws, the legal entity-debtor assets were alienated by it’s owners resulting debts to client were not repaid in bankruptcy proceedings. Commercial court of Kyiv has approved a rare judgement in judicial practice on imposition of joint and several liability for the enterprise unpaid debts on it’s shareholders-natural persons. The case was heard for 2.8 years in 6 courts of 3 instances. Enforcement of responsibility on citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in amount of 12,1 UAH million is ahead. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Dispute settlement between software developer and bank

A legal support for dispute on payment collection for development, implementation and maintenance of an integrated software for bank activities and reporting was performed. A course of action was planned, legal claims were developed and objections to the bank pretensions were substantiated. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Legal protection of LLC “Taranushchenko and partners” in court

Legal protection of LLC “Taranushchenko and partners” in court has been performed in lawsuit on return of payment for the patent attorney services for registration of trademarks “Aquamarine” and registration fees. Kiev economic court of appeal partially dismissed the claim of LLC “Interrybflot” and reversed the judgment of the court of first instance. The court has found that the services of a patent attorney have been executed properly. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Collection on penalty worth 130% of contract price to facilitate consumer rights protection

As a result of our case conduct in court, a penalty worth 130% of commission price was awarded in client’s favor as a result of breach of contract in the form of 43 days of delay. Contractor refused to pay a smaller penalty in course of the settlement procedure. Penalty is being carried out by State Executive Service. Pysarenko Law Office    Services   Contacts