Successful resolution of inheritance matter on immovable property.

Heirs’ right on acquiring apartment at Kyiv and detached house at Korsun-Shevchenkivsky is protected by court.
A legal part of issue was not complex. It was more difficult to write and implement scenario so that the court declare as legally valid circumstances, obstructed to accept the inheritance. The proceeding lasted 9 months. It’s pleasant to complete a lawsuit with a good result.
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Pysarenko Law Office has successfully provided getting a client’s inheritance estate in Kiev through courts and notarial office

Getting inheritance on apartment in Kiev has been obstructed by absence of a will, the 2.5 years delay of term for acceptance of inheritance and the lack of documents on the family relationship between a testator and the heir of the 2-nd turn on the right of representation. To obtaine the inheritance 2 processes in courts have been conducted. On a basis of judgments a certificate of inheritance on the apartment has been issued by a notary. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Inheritance proceeding for a real estate in Lviv is successfully completed by The Pysarenko Law Office.

Our attorney has accomplished long-term representation of a client in inheritance proceeding regarding a real estate in Lviv. Inheritance proceeding was pursued since submission of application on acceptance of inheritance till obtaining a notarial certificate of inheritance on the apartment.  Pysarenko Law Office    Services    Expertise

Court of appeal declared a property right on 2 detached houses in Kyiv on the name of law office’s client.

Kyiv Court of appeal has agreed The Law Office client’s appeal complaints on declaring her property right on 2 detached houses in Kyiv built in 1925 and 1970. Notary dismissed client to issue a property certificate on heritage before that because of absence of legal title documents on immobility property. Property rights on houses are confirmed for the client in result. 2 lawsuits were being resolved for 2 years.