Collection on penalty worth 130% of contract price to facilitate consumer rights protection

As a result of our case conduct in court, a penalty worth 130% of commission price was awarded in client’s favor as a result of breach of contract in the form of 43 days of delay. Contractor refused to pay a smaller penalty in course of the settlement procedure. Penalty is being carried out by State Executive Service. Pysarenko Law Office    Services   Contacts

Penalty and fine imposition (as well as limitation of their amounts) for overdue payments and breach of contractual monetary obligations in Ukraine. Kyiv, 2012. Yuridicheskaya Praktika legal practice newspaper No.41 (772) 2012

Pysarenko Oleksandr, Attorney-at-Law, MBA Degree.
Pysarenko Law Office, Kyiv, Ukraine.

In commercial litigations and legal cases in Ukraine, referring breach by Ukrainian partner of monetary liabilities under the provisions of contract, very often the questions arise about legitimacy of simultaneous recovery of penalty and fine as well as limit of its amounts. Read more