Joint responsibility for creditors claims’ dissatisfaction in bankruptcy in Ukraine. Liability of the owner and director for non-payment of debts. Kyiv, 2017.

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Enforcement of court decree was cancelled and seizure on 440 000 UAH revoked by the Pysarenko Law Office services.

With our legal support a division of state enforcement service has cancelled enforcement proceedings of the judgment against the client. A debt was not collected. Seizure on the client property and funds was removed. Bank accounts were unlocked. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

UAH 12 mln. was adjudged to our client’s favor from shareholders of a liquidated debtor

Using loopholes in laws, the legal entity-debtor assets were alienated by it’s owners resulting debts to client were not repaid in bankruptcy proceedings. Commercial court of Kyiv has approved a rare judgement in judicial practice on imposition of joint and several liability for the enterprise unpaid debts on it’s shareholders-natural persons. The case was heard for 2.8 years in 6 courts of 3 instances. Enforcement of responsibility on citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in amount of 12,1 UAH million is ahead. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Dispute settlement between software developer and bank

A legal support for dispute on payment collection for development, implementation and maintenance of an integrated software for bank activities and reporting was performed. A course of action was planned, legal claims were developed and objections to the bank pretensions were substantiated. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Non-payment of debts, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings in Ukraine. Appeal complaint against court refusal in bankruptcy statement acceptance. Kyiv, 2012. Yuridicheskaya Praktika legal practice newspaper No.46 (777) 2012

Non-payment of debts, winding up and bankruptcy proceedings in Ukraine.
This article is in Russian and Ukrainian only.

Default of the debts/credits payment for the reason of bankruptcy in Ukraine. Kyiv, 2012. Pravovyi tyzhden’ legal practice newspaper 13.11.2012

Oleksandr Pysarenko, attorney at law, MBA degree.

Owners an finance management of enterprises in Ukraine often ask– what shall they do if current debts to creditors (including investors, suppliers and bank loans) overdraw the total value of property of the enterprise, i.e. there are no resources to pay off Read more

Non-payment of debts in bankruptcy proceeding. What if there is no enough debtor’s property? Advocat buhgaltera accountants’ newspaper, Nov., 2012.

This article is in Ukrainian only.