Pysarenko Law Office has successfully provided getting a client’s inheritance estate in Kiev through courts and notarial office

Getting inheritance on apartment in Kiev has been obstructed by absence of a will, the 2.5 years delay of term for acceptance of inheritance and the lack of documents on the family relationship between a testator and the heir of the 2-nd turn on the right of representation. To obtaine the inheritance 2 processes in courts have been conducted. On a basis of judgments a certificate of inheritance on the apartment has been issued by a notary. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Legal protection of the privatized property owners in the Kyiv Podil district in the Security Service of Ukraine criminal proceedings.

The Law Office protects the owners of two legal entities-the buyers of privatized real property
in criminal proceedings which is being performed by the Department of The Security Service of Ukraine in Kyivska oblast and the sity of Kyiv, on the fact of violations the law during privatization of more than 92 premises in the Kyiv Podil district, admitted former officials of the Podil district.