Enforcement of court decree was cancelled and seizure on 440 000 UAH revoked by the Pysarenko Law Office services.

With our legal support a division of state enforcement service has cancelled enforcement proceedings of the judgment against the client. A debt was not collected. Seizure on the client property and funds was removed. Bank accounts were unlocked. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Carrying out court decision regarding reimbursement of damages resulted by inaction of state executive office in Ukraine.

Pysarenko Oleksandr, Attorney-at-Law, MBA Degree.
Pysarenko Law Office, Kiev, Ukraine.

The legislation provides significantly different order of enforcement of the judgment, which charged state body with damages, compared with the usual order of execution of court decisions. According to P.2, Art.3 of the Law “On Enforcement Proceedings” decisions on Read more