Unlawful demands of credit union regarding penalties resulting from delay of credit payment

A legal analysis has been carried out, researching performance of credit contract between credit union and individual. A legal position has been developed for the defense of the debtor, against the unlawful claims of financial institution in the part of penalties that contradicts the rules of law “On protection of consumer rights” regarding fair contract conditions. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

Legal support of a contract on the personnel recruitment for a call-centre.

The Law Office has acted as a legal adviser of Russian owner of a contact-center regarding conclusion of the contract on recruitment and training of 150 employees for customer’s call-center in Ukraine. With the agreement legal support conditions on the order of recruiting, selection and approval of candidates, mutual ban parties to encourage and hire the staff of the opposite party and compensation for the recruitment or hiring of staff were developed.

Legal support to acquisition of 50% share of a restaurant.

The Law Office has acted as private investors’ legal counselor concerning sale and acquisition of 50% share of a charter capital of ‘Double Bass’ restaurant (Kyiv, Podil). 100% of corporate rights are concentrated in private individual’s ownership in result. A partial due diligence of the restaurant owner company for decision-making on a business acquisition was held. A legal analysis of the rights and obligations of the owner-company was performed including property rights on real estate and current obligations.