Pysarenko law office has specialized in providing following legal services in Ukraine:

1. Litigation in property and non-property matters under business and civil law.

Since 2000 we have dedicated the major part of our practice to representing clients before commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction in Ukraine.

Оur objectives in pursuing lawsuits are:
– developing a legal position and defence in a case;
– supporting claims or objections with statutory provisions;
– assisting in collecting evidence;
– drafting statements of claim, motions, other documents for consideration in trial courts, courts of appeal, and in cassation review proceedings;
– representing clients at all stages of judicial and enforcement proceedings.

2. Regulatory and compliance support to businesses. Legal services in business and commercial law in Ukraine.

The Law Office:
– provides legal advice;
– performs legal due diligence research;
– analyses and drafts contracts and structures transactions;
– develops business models to reduce tax liability and risks;
– represents clients before third parties;
– performs analysis of statutory compliance of intended or ongoing transactions.

3.Legal support against unlawful conduct by government tax departments in Ukraine. Legal services in tax law.

The Law Office:
– gives tax advise;
– carries out a legal protection in tax disputes;
– provides comprehensive legal services of appealing against unlawful resolutions, conduct or failures to act within administrative justice;
– drafts appeals against tax assessment notices and represents clients in administrative and judicial proceedings.

4. Legal support to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), formation, reorganisation, and winding up in Ukraine.

In this fields we:
– perform a legal investigation of a target company;
– develop the most suitable model of acquisition, restructuring or winding up for eliminating risks;
– draft a company’s constitutional documents and agreements;
– provide legal advice to sale or purchase of a business or assets;
– provide corporate conflicts settlement;
– act for clients in dissolution and insolvency proceedings.

5. Representing clients in enforcement proceedings in Ukraine.

6. Litigating real estate disputes and providing legal support to real property transactions.

7. Conduct of inheritance cases. Obtaining and formalizing right of inheritance in Ukraine.

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