Pysarenko Law Office has provided a legal support for real estate transactions and conducted real estate litigations in Ukraine.

Our services in the field of real estate include:

• Legal advice in the field of immovable property;
• Legal assistance of preliminary contracts in the field of real estate;
• Legal support of immobility sale-purchase and other real estate transactions;
• Obtaining real estate documents of title;
• Legal services regarding investment, financing, purchase and sale procedures;
• Drafting documents to minimize taxation and risks;
• Representation in courts in real estate disputes;
• Real estate lawyer defense in litigations regarding immobility;
• Case conduct in court regarding recognition of title;
• Conduct of lawsuits regarding invalidation of contracts of purchase, sale or other alienation of immovable property;
• Legal support of immobility sale that is being owned jointly by several parties;
• Representation in courts in lawsuits regarding apartments, premises, parcels, etc.;
• Legal services related to lease contracts;
• Legal services related to mortgage contracts;
• Litigation in inheritance cases involving real estate;
• Litigation in disputes between spouses regarding jointly owned real estate.

Characteristic features of real estate that distinguish it from other types of objects:

• Impossibility of physical transportation without significant loss in value;
• Significant average value and its fluctuation in time;
• Proprietary rights require mandatory state registration;
• A wide range of factors that may render documents of title or alienation of title void;
• High than ussual number of third parties that may challenge real estate title in court;
• Predominantly notary form of transfer of ownership;
• State regulated transaction procedures in deals involving immovable property;
• State monitoring of taxation in transactions involving real estate;
• High cost, longevity and complexity of litigation in real estate cases;
• Complex procedure of real estate object cost, condition and quality evaluation.

As real estate lawyers conducting transactions The Pysarenko Law Office performs:

• Assessment of documents of title;
• Verification of legal encumbrances connected with given immovable property;
• Gathering and analysis of information regarding authority of owners and sellers of real estate property;
• Legal due-diligence of seller and buyer in order to reduce risk prior and following the transaction;
• Drafting of preliminary contract;
• Structuring and optimization of contract conditions;
• Determining best possible payment conditions;
• Assistance in gathering required document package;
• Conduct of signing and certification of the agreement;
• Resolution of disputes both via settlement and court procedures.

Representing clients before courts in real estate related lawsuits we conduct:

• Legal analysis of case circumstances and assessment of evidence;
• Application of legislation and judicial precedent in clients favor;
• Collection and assistance in obtaining of evidence;
• Legal justification of claims and appeals;
• Drafting of documents for court proceedings;
• Representation of plaintiffs and defendants on any stage of court proceedings;
• Preparation and implementation of settlements.

Pysarenko Law Office provides real estate lawyer services not only in Kiev, but also in other Ukrainian cities with convenient transport connection. In immovable property litigations with considerable monetary interest there is a possibility for case conduct in any Ukrainian city.

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