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4 700 000 UAH of tax and fine is saved for the client in the first court instance.


Defects of evidence, the assessment of taxes due to relations with a ‘fictitious’ entity, the cancellation by the Supreme Administrative Court of previous judgements gave grounds for an unfavorable forecast. But the illusory prospect was not confirmed. The documents demanded from the counterparty’s State Tax Inspection on our motion and intensification of the claim by additional arguments led to a positive result in the new trial of the case. By the Kharkiv regional administrative court judgement the claim is satisfied to the client’s favor. The tax notification-decision to charge UAH 4.05 million VAT and 0.65 million penalties is canceled. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

The final judgement is reached in Supreme Court for UAH 12 000 000 to the client’s favor.


Final verdict of the Supreme Court was reached in the dispute over recovery of unpaid debts from the owner and director of the legal entity-bankrupt. The judgement of the Cassation Economic Court confirmed the recovery from shareholder and director of liquidated bankrupt more than 6 million UAH. with each. The judgements were adjudicated because the failure of defendants, as a single shareholder and a chairman of the liquidation commission, to pay the headed enterprise’s debts to the Dutch client. The case has been considered since 2013. Joint responsibility was imputed on defendants resulting of a deliberate sale the bankrupt’s property after withdrawal from seizure. The precedence for the judgement is given by a rare nature of dispute and it’s adjudicating by economic courts on recovery from private individuals. Pysarenko Law Office Services Contacts

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