We have strength in depth in following areas of legal practice:

Litigating in property, commercial and business disputes between Ukrainian and international parties in commercial courts and civil law courts in Ukraine:

– protection of property and investments;
– recovery of debts;
– collection of losses and penalties;
– enforcing of possession rights;
– real estate disputes;
– corporate disputes;
– counteracting hostile takeovers;
– insolvency, bankruptcy and winding up.

Pursuing tax disputes and lawsuits in administrative courts in Ukraine:

– appealing against tax assessment notices;
– repelling illegally-charged and excessive taxes;
– appealing against the tax authorities unlawful resolutions, conduct or failures to act.

Providing legal advice and assistance to business projects and transactions in Ukraine in fields of:

– internal and international trade;
– investments and finance;
– acquisition of real estate;
– purchase and sale of assets;
– purchase and sale of a business;
– tax optimisation and avoidance.

Representing of high net worth individuals in civil law matters concerning:

– purchase and sale of real estate;
– rights to property;
– returning property from unlawful possession;
– recovery of debts;
– loans, credits;
– housings and dwellings;
– top management labour disputes;
– wills, inheritance.