Tax agencies in Ukraine conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections of legal entities.

The first type can only be performed according to schedule and should be appointed beforehand.

The second type can be performed only given the proper legal grounds listed in articles 44.7, 50.3, 77, 78, 200.11, 201.10 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.

In case with scheduled tax inspections there is not too much room for appeal. Legal grounds for such appeal are generally connected with violation of formal requirements, such as, but not limited to absence of wet signature on the inspection order issued by tax authorities or refusal to present official certification by inspectors.

Unscheduled inspections, on the other hand, provide much more room for defensive action. Tax authorities can perform such inspections only within limited spectrum of circumstances and under a very strict set of procedural rules.

Violation of tax regulations at any point of unscheduled tax inspection by the tax authorities can be used in defenses favor.

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