Pysarenko Law Office offers legal services to medium- and high-income companies and high net worth individuals, both domestic and international, looking for efficient way of resolving business, general civil and tax related lawsuits in Ukraine.

We provide the entire procedure of bringing and pursuing cases authorized by law and represent plaintiffs and defendants in all courts of general jurisdiction and specialized courts in Ukraine to ensure protection to the client’s interests.

We have conducted more than 215 litigations in Ukraine from the lower courts up to the Supreme Court of Ukraine since 2000.

The Law Office also specializes in giving legal protection to business transactions, commercial activities and tax disputes in Ukraine.

We specialize on protection in commercial and administrative courts in Ukraine and also have several international arbitration proceedings conducted.

We confidently litigate against strong opponents.

Acting as attorneys and litigators in pecuniary and non-property disputes for a long time we received a relevant expertise in areas of respective substantive and litigation law.

We pursue an individual approach and offer tailored solutions for acceptable rates.

The Law Office has practiced law since 1994.

The Law Office is located in the very centre of Kyiv between Independence Square and Mykhaylivska Square. We are easy to reach and work with.

We provide legal services in litigations not only in Kiev, but also in other Ukrainian cities in disputes with considerable monetary or legal interest.

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The Law Office in figures

10 biggest lawsuits:

2013: VHU LLC – a lawsuit to set aside an order to issue a writ of execution in connection with an arbitration award 81,066,000 UAH
2012: V.I.Technology – a lawsuit seeking to declare fictitious a contract on development of a computer software and intellectual property cession of rights under business law 21,055,000 UAH
2016: “Idealogistic” B.V. – a litigation seeking imposition of joint and several liability for the enterprise unpaid debts on shareholders 12 150 884 UAH
2010: VHU LLC – a litigation seeking compensation for the value of assets and damages due to the withdrawal of a shareholder from the company under corporate law 9,899,916 UAH
2003: UMT LLC – a lawsuit seeking to declare a contract void 9,063,354 UAH
2010: VHU LLC – a litigation seeking to recover the principal debt, interest accrued and damages under business law 6,145,233 UAH
2018: GEU LLC – pursuing lawsuit seeking to revoke a tax notification-decision under tax law 4,684,363 UAH
2010: UKRFER LLC – a lawsuit seeking to recover an outstanding debt for the goods delivered under business law 3,951,880 UAH
2009: BMT UA LLC – a claim seeking to recover an outstanding debt for the equipment delivered and damages 3,061,344 UAH
2010: GE LLC – pursuing lawsuit seeking to revoke a tax assessment notice under tax law 2,857,601 UAH




Litigation matters in 2017 17
Lawsuits in 2016 15
Court sessions and hearings in 2017 48
Court sessions and hearings in 2016 44
Legal protections provided in 2017 29
Legal services rendered in 2016 35
Clients who received legal services, since 1994 In excess of 900


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